Tongue Health

Tongue Health


Your tongue condition is a good indication of your general health. A healthy tongue is smooth, pink and moist. If you are experiencing soreness or changes to you tongue's appearance this can indicate a problem.
there are some tongue disorders such as:
⦁    Geographic tongue, you can see red patches sometimes with white borders. This is an inflammation problem. It can be caused from stress and defienciencies in your diet.
⦁    Black hairy tongue, this is caused by food or bacteria trapped on your tongue. Stop smoking and brush your tongue regulary can improve this.
⦁    Sore tongue, this can be caused from the foods that you eat such as spicy food or acidic food. Avoiding these types of foods may help.
⦁    Tongue tie, this is a condition that affects babies, they have limited tongue movement.  This condition normally resolves itself over time.
⦁    Loss of taste, this can be caused from a illness or medications.
If you are concerned about your tongue book an appointment to see one of our great dentist at your local Redcliffe Dentist, we can be contacted on 32844281.

Banish Bad Breath

Banish Bad Breath

Bad breath can be quite embarrasing, some causes of bad breath include.
⦁    Poor Oral Hygiene
⦁    Gum Disease
⦁    Dry mouth caused by medicines, alchole, stress or medical conditions
⦁    Smoking
⦁    Reflux
⦁    Chronic sinusitis
⦁    Illness
Some of the symptons of bad breath include a white coating on the tongue, dry mouth, Build up around the teeth, burning tongue, thick saliva or a constant unpleasent taste in your mouth.
Bad breath can mostly be resolved by having good oral hygiene, cleaning your tongue to remove the coating and if you suffer from Chronic sinusitis using a nasal spray may improve this condition and in turn help control your bad breath.
If you suffer from bad breath come in to your local Redcliffe dentist and speak to one of our great dentists who will be able to help you with your concern.

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

At John Street Dental we use modern digital radiography.  Digital x-rays use a sensor or phosphor plate, as opposed to the film used in traditional radio-graphic examinations, hence, minimised exposure to radiation for our patients. Radiography examinations are very important and benficial in the accurate diagnosis and managment of many dental conditions.  Xrays can assist with the early detection of things like oral cancers, tooth decay, cysts, impacted teeth, gum desease just to name a few.

Our X-ray equipment complies with the Australian Standards and guidelines.

The radiation received from digital X-Rays is so minor that it is less than the background radiation ( from the atmosphere, the Sun and the stars) you would receive in any given day.  It is also less than the radiation you would receive on a flight from here to Sydney. 

In recent years many advances in technology have been made to reduce the levels of radiation exposure from dental x-rays. 

Always feel free to discuss any queries or concerns you may have regarding our digital X-rays with your Dentist, here at John St Dental.

Anzac Day

John Street Dental will be closed Saturday the 25th of April for Anzac Day and will reopen as normal Monday the 27th if April at 8:30am
Meet Tina at John Street Dental


Tina started at John Street Dental as a trainee in 2007 and since then she has qualified as a Dental Assistant and worked here ever since. Tina takes pride in working at John Street Dental and feels really privileged to be a member of our professional practice and to work along side great dentists. In her spare time Tina loves to take her dogs Hercules and Abby to the beach.

If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our great Dentists we can be contacted on 32844281.

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