Information about oral piercings from your Redcliffe Dentist

Oral piercing has become widely popular over the past few years. They are usually done on the lip, tongue and / or cheek. However, many people aren’t aware of the dental problems that can go along with it. Some problems that can result from oral piercing are:

  • Infection
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum damage
  • Loss of taste
  • Mouth sores

The most common dental problems caused by oral piercing are fractured teeth and infection.

Teeth can become chipped and fractured by mouth jewelry while talking, eating, chewing and even sleeping. If a tooth is fractured in the enamel, it may only need a filling. If the fracture goes deeper into the tooth, a root canal or extraction may be necessary.

Anyone considering oral piercing should talk with their Redcliffe dentist first to make sure that they are practicing good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene and a commitment to taking care of the piercing are essential in preventing serious infections. To help avoid chipped and fractured teeth, remove the jewelry during eating and sleeping.


New ramp coming soon to your Redcliffe Dentist

Here at John Street Dental your Redliffe Dentist

we are currently getting a new ramp put in to our side door so our patients

with wheelchairs, prams or walking frames can now access the Dental

Practice from the side door instead of the back door.

The ramp will be completed shortly so keep your eye out for

this in the coming weeks

and remember if you have any dental concerns please dont hesitate to call

us on 3284 4281 we are happy to hear from you

EKKA Monday John Street Dental

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to remind you all that John Street Dental your Redcliffe Dentist

we be closed on Monday the 11th August due to EKKA Holiday

we will re-open again on Tuesday the 12th of August.

we would like to apologise for any inconvience that this may cause.

If you are going to the the EKKA have a great time!

If you are having any concerns with your teeth please dont hesitate

to call us on 3284 4281 and we will be happy to make an appointment for you to see one of our great dentist.


Tooth decay signs from your Redcliffe Dentist

Tooth decay is a common problem that occurs when acids in your mouth dissolve the outer layers of your teeth.

It is also known as dental decay or dental caries.

Although levels of tooth decay have decreased over the last few decades, it is still one of the most widespread health problems

Signs and symptoms

Tooth decay may not cause any symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. As the problem develops, symptoms of tooth decay can include:

  • toothache
  • tooth sensitivity – you may feel tenderness or pain when eating or drinking something hot, cold or sweet
  • grey, brown or black spots appearing on your teeth
  • bad breath
  • an unpleasant taste in your mouth

If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to further problems such as a cavities (holes in the teeth) gum disease or dental abscesses (collections of pus at the end of the teeth or in the gums).

Before tooth Decay becomes a problem for you, call your Redcliffe Dentist on 32844281 and we will be happy to book an appointment for you to see one of our fantastic dentists.


Meet the team at John Street Dental

Welcome to John Street Dental - your Redcliffe Dentist.

We would like you to meet our team at John Street Dental. Our dentist's are

Dr David Houston, Dr Andrew Lim, Dr Gregg Stadhams, Dr Jacky Shum and

Dr Craig Ewing.

All of our dentists are passionate about helping you to have

the best experience possible when visiting..


Dr David Houston      Dr Andrew Lim     Dr Gregg Stadhams    Dr Jacky Shum

We also have Cheryl our practice manager, Annette, Belinda, Debbie, Faketa, Heidee,

Dannie, Peta and Tina. All the girls strive to make your experience at the dentist 

as relaxing as possible.


        Cheryl              Anette                 Bell                   Debbie             Faketa 


        Heidee                    Peta

We would would love to meet you so come in and bring the family, you can make an

appointment by calling us on 3284 4281 or 3284 6810.

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