All-On-Four In Redcliffe

No more dentures

All-On-4 is the latest innovation in implant dentistry available at John Street Dental for people who wear dentures. This new technique enables you to have a complete upper or lower set of teeth supported on as few as four dental implants.

Just like regular dental implants from John Street Dental, the implants used for the All-On-4 technique are made of titanium. The main difference is some are longer, allowing them to be placed at an acute angle. This enables a bridge or denture to be supported by the implants at the front of the mouth where your jawbone is denser and stronger.

One of the many benefits of the All-On-4 system is you can have a full set of non-removable, replacement teeth in as little as three appointments.

If you have been missing teeth for a period of time, it’s possible you may have lost some bone density. Previously, patients would have needed to undergo bone graft surgery to restore the lost bone. This can take up to six months to heal before the dental implants can be placed. All-On-4 utilises the existing bone and often negates the need for bone grafts.

Another benefit of the new All-On-4 technique is it significantly reduces the number of dental implants required for securing a complete denture. This helps restore your smile much more quickly and cost-effectively.

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All-On-Four In Redcliffe

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