Discussing Oral Surgery with your local Redcliffe Dentist

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If you are having any type of problem with your teeth, your first step should be to contact a Dentist.  Here at John Street Dental on the Redcliffe Peninsular the Dentist will evaluate your situation and decide whether an extraction is required and whether it will be done in the surgery or by an Oral Surgeon.  Usually an xray will also be taken at the appointment to help the Dentist make their diagnosis.

Nobody wants to have a tooth extraction, but in some situations an extraction may be your only option.  Depending on how easy or difficult the extraction may be is what will be the deciding factor on weather a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon will take out the tooth.

If the extraction does need to be referred to an Oral Surgeon the dentist may also get you to have another xray done (called an OPG xray) which will show more details of the affected area which the oral surgeon will want to see.  Here at John Street Dental we can arrange an appointment with an Oral Surgeon for you ASAP if required.

Reasons for referral to an Oral Surgeon

  • Complex Root Structure – curved and long roots on teeth can cause an extraction to become very difficult and can often be close to or involve the major nerves in the jaw.
  • Impacted Teeth – when a tooth is impacted and still partially or fully under th bone, surgery is often required.  Always best done by an Oral Surgeon with these difficult cases.
  • Complications during Extraction – sometimes what looks like a simple extraction can turn into a difficult situation.  The tooth could crack or the roots can break and an Oral Surgeon may be needed to complete the procedure.
  • Root Filled Teeth – if a tooth has been root filled they are much more fragile and could break easily, so often removing a root filled tooth will require a surgical extraction.
  • Certain Medications and Sickness – some medications and illness affect your bone resulting in the healing process to take much longer, so a dentist will refer you to an Oral Surgeon as a precaution against and complications occuring

If for any reason you feel you need to see a Dentist regarding a tooth extraction you can call John Street Dental on o7 3284 4281 or alternatively book online via this link