Meet our team in Redcliffe

The dentists at John Street Dental are supported by a team of dedicated and passionate people who are proud of the work they do and the difference they make to our patient’s lives.

cheryl 4

Cheryl Hooper (Practice Manager)

“I’ve been with John Street Dental for 29 years and have had the pleasure of welcoming patients and getting them in to get the help they need. Some patients started coming back in 1976!”

 Nickname: Cheryl

 Favourite Aspects: Hilarious comments from patients!

 Hobbies: Quilting, Squash, Glass of wine with friends.

Faketa 2

Faketa Hamzic (Sterilisation Nurse)

“Dr Peter provided me with a great opportunity 12 years ago to become a part of the John Street Dental team. Having migrated from Bosnia I was deeply grateful for this chance and enjoy keeping the instruments and JSD facility sterilised to the highest standards.”

 Nickname: Fakeet

 Favourite Aspects: Getting rid of clutter!

 Hobbies: Cooking, Cleaning and helping my daughters.

deb 2 Debbie Jenkins (Senior Dental Assistant)

”I have joined John Street Dental recently with 25 years’ experience as a DA on Bribie Island. I’ve found it a great working environment and am enjoying it.”

Nickname: Deb

 Favourite Aspects: Positive and relaxed environment

 Hobbies: Outdoor activities like camping and bushwalks, First grandchild

Heidee 2Heidee Monteith (Senior Dental Assistant)

“I started as a junior assistant here back in 1995. John Street has really been a home away from home for me these past 26 years and allowed me to become a highly knowledgeable and reliable DA.”

Nickname: Heid

Favourite Aspects: Helping patients out of pain

Hobbies: stain glass sculpture, socialising

JessJessica Perks (2IC)

Hey, my name is Jessica & I’ve been in the dental industry for just over 6 years now!
I am excited to be joining the John street dental team as the 2ic to the practice and expanding my knowledge within dental.

Nickname: Jess or Jessa

Favourite Aspects: enjoying time with my team & having everyday be different.. with keeping the place clean

 Hobbies: gym, being with my fiancé and my 2 cats


Emily Cavanagh (Dental Assistant)

“I have recently had the opportunity of joining John Street dental. I’ve been dental assisting for about 6 months and I am so excited to further my knowledge with the lovely staff here.”

Nickname: Em

Favourite Aspects: Working with the team and helping patients feel comfortable and relaxed

Hobbies: Sailing, Bushwalking, Piano and Crafts


Yunwoo Seok (Dental Assistant)

I am currently in my second year of studying dentistry at UQ. I moved to Australia five years ago from South Korea! I am completely motivated to finish studying dentistry and will stay here to become a dentist, as oral hygiene is my passion. I’m deeply committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry, and am constantly seeking out opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. 

Nickname: Yunwoo

Hobbies: I engage in a variety of activities that help me maintain a healthy work-life balance. One of my favourite pastimes is pilates, which help me stay active and energized.


Taleah Johnstone (Dental Assistant)

Hi, my name is Taleah and I have been a Dental assistant for just over a year now. I am super excited to be apart of the John Street Dental team. I am really keen to expand my knowledge and further my career in the dental industry.

Nickname: Tilly, Leah or T

Hobbies: Some hobbies of mine are playing a variety of sports, going to gym, spending time with my family, and spoiling my dog.


Hayley Laing (Dental Assistant)

I’m Hayley and I bring a wealth of knowledge from my many years of dental assisting. Redcliffe is an awesome place to work, and I enjoy the scenery and atmosphere. I love the beach!

Nickname: Hayles

Hobbies: Camping, cooking and cuddling every staffie I caome across


Tamzin Green (Dental Assistant)

I enjoy taking care of my patients.

Nickname: Tim Tam

Hobbies: Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends



Kristy Williams (Dental Assistant)

Hi, My name is Kristy. I have approximately 3 years experience in the dental industry as a DA and steri nurse. My passion has always been to help others. I have recently relocated from the GC to the area. I enjoy the challenges of the industry and am excited about working with the team and patients here at John Street dental.

Nickname: Kris

Hobbies: Beach with my boys, Gym, Gardening, Astrology, hanging out with friends and family.


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