Meet Your Redcliffe Dentists

In addition to being highly skilled in providing general and specialist dental treatments, the team of accomplished dentists working with John Street Dental Redcliffe makes receiving dental care a pleasant experience.

Passionate about the care they provide our dentists have a warm, personable chairside manner. If you need treatment for a dental problem, a regular dental exam, or help with another oral health issue, our team can provide the personalised, compassionate care you require.

David HoustonDavid Houston (General Manager)

“We have a great team of positive staff here at John Street Dental eager to help you with all your dental needs. It is an honour to manage this stellar team and evolving facility with my wife Karin. Having grown up in Redcliffe I feel I understand what the community wants from its local Dentist.”

Nickname: Dave

Favourite Aspects: Staff Management, Creating Positive Culture, Service Development, Facility updates and renovation.

Hobbies: Rowing, Touch Footy, Hiking, Learning Dutch, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on the bay, Lecturing and Clinical Teaching at Griffith University Dental School.


Jonathan 2

Dr Jonathan Ng – Dentist

“Jonathan is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all of his patients and strongly believes in ensuring that all treatment options and procedures are clearly understood by you before beginning. Jonathan has a friendly, caring and patient personality, taking his time to listen attentively to your needs and to ensure your dental visit is a pleasant experience. What a filling!”

Nickname: Jonathan

Favourite Aspects: Jonathan believes in preventative dentistry, and supports the idea that ‘prevention is always better than the cure’.  He believes that removing the cause of any dental problems early results in longer-term results, less treatment, and fewer fees! What a flossophy…

Hobbies: Jonathan loves animals, nature, watching National Geographic and would jump at the opportunity to visit any aquarium. His favourite animal is an Emperor Penguin. Being a huge tennis and Roger Federer fan you might also catch him at the local tennis club trying to imitate Federer’s slick moves

Daniel 2

Dr Daniel Hu – Dentist

“Having orthodontic treatment at a young age inspired me to become a dentist. I look forward to treating patients and always try to do my best and do so in a calm, supportive and relaxing manner.”

Nickname: Dan, Dr Who

Favourite Aspects: Orthodontics, orthopaedic and orthotropic orthodontics, growth guidance, working with families.

Hobbies: Exercise, travelling, spending time with my pet corgi, reading and food!


Dr Pawan Bista- Dentist

Thank you for your trust and choosing me to be your dentist. I am sure you would like to know a little bit about me. I completed Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2006 from Kathmandu, Nepal. After a few years of private dental practice, I went to do PhD in pain Neuroscience from Germany and continued further research in the USA for 3.5 years. In 2016, I came to Australia to join the University of Queensland, and later in Melbourne and Monash University. I love to treat dental pain. My areas of interest include dental pain management, root canal treatment, and aesthetics restorations including crowns, bridge and veneers. I update myself with professional development courses regularly. I have published numerous original research articles in world renowned international journals. If you are interested, please read my current publication on how dental pain is processed by our brain and the ways to stop it.

In addition to treating pain, I like photography, mountaineering, travelling and I dream of summiting Mount Everest one day.

Thank you once again for your trust and see you soon

Nickname: Pawan

Favourite Aspects: Dental pain management, root canal treatment, and aesthetics restorations.

Hobbies: Photography, mountaineering, travelling and I dream of summiting Mount Everest one day.


Dr Nick Cliff – Dentist

“I qualified as a general dentist in 1980 in London. After many years practicing in the UK and overseas I got married had three children and bought my first practice all at the same time!

In 2003 I completed the Diploma of Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute also In London.
We moved to Australia in 2004 and I started my own practice here in 2008. I moved to Brisbane at the end of 2021.
I am delighted to be part of the wonderful team at this great practice and I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your goals. ”

Nickname: Nick

Hobbies: When I am not a dentist I love to be with my family and I enjoy a bit of amateur dramatics.


Dr Thiffany Nguyen – Dentist

“I love the Queensland lifestyle having grown up here and could not imagine another place I’d rather be.

I am excited to be a part of the JSD team and look forward to providing the Redcliffe community with another friendly dentist. Seeing people smile makes me smile!”

Nickname: Thiff

Favourite Aspects: Restoring a smile back to health\, aesthetic restorations and providing a great dental experience

Hobbies: Exploring new restaurants, playing tennis and skiing. I enjoy fishing around Redcliffe with my partner because he handles the icky parts. I’ve recently tried rollerblading which didn’t end too well, but no pain no gain!


Dr Reema Sadeq – Dentist

I started my career in dentistry in 2005, after which I was very passionate about Endodontics, which led me to complete my Masters degree in 2010 . After a very successful career in Dubai, I call Australia home now and continue to provide the best care for my patients in regard to root canal treatment , restorative and cosmetic dentistry . Saving teeth is a passion I cherish and enjoy for years to come .

Nickname: Reema

111Dr Shane Hourihan – Dentist

Shane migrated to Australia as a child from Ireland. Worked for 20 years as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner in Australia and the UK. Studied at Griffith University and graduated with Honours in 2019. Have worked in public dental clinics, private dental clinic, indigenous dental clinics, and mobile dentistry with aged care and pediatric patients.
My overall interest in dentistry is delivering good quality dental care to all age groups, with special interest in special needs dentistry and patients with complex medical histories.

Nickname: Shane

Hobbies: I enjoy spending family time with my wife who is a Registered Nurse, 13 year old daughter and 14 month old son. Enjoy travelling and watching sports such as AFL, soccer and athletics


Dr Mona Giri – Dentist

 Mona Has been into dentistry for almost 14 years. She graduated in 2006 and worked as a general dentist for sometime, after which she undertook additional training in Periodontology (gum disease). She has been regularly taking CPD since then to update herself.
She focusses in preventative dentistry and gum disease. She is friendly and believes in treating general dental conditions in a very relaxed environment so that patients are comfortable in the dental clinic. Mona is keen about treating gum disease and helping patients to improve their oral health, bad breath and bleeding gums. She believes in building long term relationships with her patients and overall patient management.

Nickname: Mona


Dr Russell Neglia-Wong – Dentist

“I always had fun attending the dentist as a kid, which inspired me to become a dentist. I hope to provide you with that same experience. I look forward to being a part of this amazing team here in Redcliffe. I moved here from Canada to study and have now found myself residing in Queensland”

Nickname: Russell or Russ

Favourite Aspects: Restorative work, aesthetics, and working with people

Hobbies: Building and painting scale models, Skiing, Surfing, Playing netball

GreggGregg Stadhams – Mentor

Since retiring from dentistry after 20 years, I now enjoy my role as a mentor within our group.

The opportunity to share my knowledge and experience helps our team of dentists to grow and broaden their skills.

It is a wonderful opportunity to play such a rewarding behind the scenes role and experience our dentists evolving.

Nickname: Gregg

Favourite Aspects: Mentoring our team of dedicated dentists.

 Hobbies: Surfing, Research, Personal Development


We take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with all the information you need so you can make the right decision for your oral health.


Our team of accomplished dentists at John Street Dental Redcliffe makes receiving dental care a pleasant experience.


To schedule a consultation appointment, discuss treatment options, dental plans or ask advice, contact our friendly team.