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Introducing Dr Joee Lim – one of your Local Redcliffe Dentists at John Street Dental

Introducing the fabulous Dr Joee Lim, who is originally from Malaysia. Growing up there, she had the enriched by the opportunity to being exposed to a multi-cultural society. Dr Joee speaks speaks Mandarin and is conversant in Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese as well as Hokkien, and of course English! In 2015, Joee came to Brisbane to study […]


Pregnancy and oral health – how can you best look after your mouth? According to your Local Redcliffe Dentist

As your Local Redcliffe Dentists know, it is extremely important for pregnant patients to maintain a healthy mouth. Gum disease  during pregnancy has been linked to an increased risk of low birth weight and in some cases, premature birth.  Pregnancy hormones can make gums sensitive to dental plaque. Here are a few tips for taking […]

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What is Periodontal Disease? According to your Local Redcliffe Dentist

As your Local Redcliffe Dentist knows, Periodontal Disease (also known as Gum Disease) is an inflammatory disease which affects the structures that support our teeth. Periodontal disease is often seen as a ‘silent’ disease as many people don’t realise they have it until the symptoms become more obvious.  It is prevalent in all age groups, not just […]


Mouth Breathing – is it a problem? Your Local Redcliffe Dentist knows!

Do you breathe through your mouth, instead of your nose?  Have you ever wondered if this is causing problems for your oral health and general wellbeing? While most people breathe through their noses, some breathe through their mouths only, while others have a medical condition known as sleep apnea where they breathe through their mouths […]


Dentures vrs Dental Implants – how to decide what is best for you! According to your Local Redcliffe Dentist

    As your Local Redcliffe Dentist knows, partial and full dentures were traditionally the only options available for replacing missing teeth.  Nowadays, there are many options to choose from – but how do you know which one is right for you? Partial dentures rely on the remaining teeth in the jaw for support and […]