Dental Services in Redcliffe

Dental Services in Redcliffe

Your complete care

At John Street Dental Redcliffe, our highly trained team of dentists provide general, cosmetic, restorative and specialist dental services.

Your smile is your most expressive and eye-catching feature. With the many advances in dental medicine you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, misaligned, misshapen or even missing teeth. At John Street Dental you have many choices that can improve your smile and enhance your confidence.

Our dental services include:

General Dentistry:

  • Fillings, extractions and general repair work.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

  • Repairs and improvements to anterior teeth including; white facings, veneers, crowns, bridge to replace missing teeth, reshaping teeth and eliminating discoloured teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening: Using a combined treatment of custom-made mouthguards, whitening gel and remineralising toothpaste, excellent whitening results can be safely achieved.

Root Canal Treatment:

A painless procedure where by:
a) the painful nerve is soothed with an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory liquid
b) the empty tooth is cleaned out
c) the empty tooth is filled up.

It usually involves 3 appointments 2 weeks apart and successfully saves 95% of patients from an extraction and the additional cost of a denture


These can be both FULL dentures where no teeth are present, or PARTIAL dentures where some teeth are present with gaps needing to be filled. There are a variety of forms but JSD generally recommends the metal base partial dentures as they are stronger, last longer and click in and out.

Before you see a “Denture Clinic” it is a wise idea to see a dentist at John Street Dental first.

Gum Infections (Periodontal Disease):

Many teeth in Redcliffe are lost not because of decay but because of Gum Disease. John Street Dental prides itself on its focus on gum health and routinely takes the time to distribute free Oral Hygiene Instruction with every patient. This revolves around the use of antibacterial toothpaste and aids to mechanically clean in between the teeth.

You should schedule an appointment if:

  • Your gums bleed regularly
  • Your teeth are loose

Oral Surgery:

All of our general dentists provide wisdom teeth extraction and we also have a visiting oral surgeon to look after the more complex cases.


  • We provide in house orthodontics in both traditional and invisalign (clear mouthguard) form.

Children’s Dentistry

All the dentists enjoy the treatment of children and are skilled in the art of keeping them happy but getting the job done.

John Street Dental recommends all kids are brought in once when their teeth first appear for an initial check and then 6 monthly from when the child will first cooperate (e.g. 3-4 years).

This way the kids are helped into excellent habits by the parents and avoid the discomfort and expense of regular treatment.

All kids get a present for attending the clinic!

Mini Implants and Denture Stabilisation:

An inexpensive, painless 2 hour procedure where your lower denture is made able to click on and off small titanium implants in your lower jaw.

We are delighted to welcome you to John Street Dental. We strive to help you to improve your smile, while maintaining your dental health and provide care in a safe, comfortable, well-equipped environment. We pride ourselves on our depth, experience and success in treatment so please give us a call today.

John Street Dental is located at 116 John St, Redcliffe QLD 4020. You can call us on (07) 3284 4281 of more information.

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We take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with all the information you need so you can make the right decision for your oral health.


Our team of accomplished dentists at John Street Dental Redcliffe makes receiving dental care a pleasant experience.


To schedule a consultation appointment, discuss treatment options, dental plans or ask advice, contact our friendly team.