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Found naturally in water and many fruits and vegetables as well as being in toothpaste, fluoride, calcium and phosphate increases the strength of tooth enamel. This makes teeth more resistant to food acid and helps prevent tooth decay. We are best dentist in fluoride treatment Redcliffe

A fluoride treatment Redcliffe from John Street Dental in Redcliffe is advisable for children who have a number of cavities or are at risk of developing cavities. It’s a very simple, pain-free process completed by one of our dentists and only takes a few minutes.

Firstly, the teeth are cleaned to remove any food debris or plaque build-up. Then a high concentrate fluoride foam or gel is placed into a dental tray (which is like a small mouthguard) and placed over the teeth and left for a few minutes. Sometimes a fluoride varnish may be used. This is painted on to the tooth surface like nail polish.

After the fluoride treatment Redcliffe is complete your child shouldn’t eat or drink for 30 minutes. This will ensure the fluoride has penetrated into the enamel.

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Fluoride Treatment


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