White Fillings In Redcliffe

For a natural looking smile

White fillings have become the preferred alternative to silver amalgam or gold fillings. At John Street Dental we offer porcelain fillings (also called inlays) and composite fillings.

Porcelain Fillings:

Porcelain Fillings are strong and aesthetically they look just like natural teeth. To receive a porcelain filling will require two appointments with the John Street Dental team approximately two weeks apart. The first appointment will be to prepare your tooth by removing any signs of decay.

We will then create an impression mould and send it to a technician in a dental laboratory who will sculpt your porcelain filling. We may place a temporary filling while your permanent filling is being made.

At your second appointment your temporary filling, if one was placed, is removed and your permanent filling is assessed for sit and comfort. Our dentists will make any adjustments if they are needed before securing your porcelain filling into place with a specially formulated dental bonding agent, restoring your tooth and your smile.

White Composite Fillings:

A composite filling is made of a resin material similar in consistency as toothpaste and is applied to the tooth surface in thin layers. It is hardened by a UV light, then shaped and polished, restoring your tooth’s form and function.

Composite fillings are less expensive and can be completed in a single appointment, occasionally without the need for anaesthetic.

Our dentist matches the colour of composites to neighbouring teeth for a more natural appearance, making the filling indistinguishable

Composite resin fillings often are made smaller than amalgam fillings and require less tooth preparation, thereby saving more natural tooth structure.

Composite fillings are used to restore strength and appearance. They are also less sensitive to hot and cold temperature changes in the mouth; therefore there is less chance that the tooth will fracture because of the filling.

Maintaining a thorough at-home oral health routine and scheduling check-up appointments with the John Street Dental team every six months will ensure your new white porcelain or composite fillings last for many years to come.

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White Fillings In Redcliffe

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