Wisdom Teeth Removal In Redcliffe

The wisest course of action

Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to come through. If there’s enough space in the jaw and they come through straight like all your other teeth, they will usually not cause any problems. Some people have four, some only one and some people have no wisdom teeth at all.

However, it’s when they grow in at an angle (impacted) or don’t come through correctly that wisdom teeth need to be removed. Impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, which can cause gum disease and other oral health problems for surrounding teeth, such as pushing them out of alignment.

Early assessment by John Street Dental is crucial in preventing problems with wisdom teeth developing. And removing wisdom teeth is best done between the ages of 17 – 20. This is because the roots are still forming, making removal easier and recovery faster.

Depending on your personal situation, wisdom teeth removal may occur at John Street Dental under a local anaesthetic, or you may be required to have day surgery in hospital. A detailed x-ray will be taken so we can assess the best treatment for you.

Usually a small incision is made in the surrounding gum to enable access to the tooth. Depending on the individual circumstances, the tooth may be removed in one piece or in sections. Usually you will receive a couple of small stitches and a soft food diet is recommended for about a week.

If you or your child is experiencing pain with wisdom teeth, call and schedule as assessment appointment with the team at John Street Dental.

More complex extraction previously required patients to travel to Brisbane to see an oral surgeon however John Street Dental has a visiting in house Oral Surgeon who cares for these cases. This means you avoid the hassle of travel and check in and can have the procedure completed in familiar and trusted surrounds.

We are located at 116 John St, Redcliffe QLD 4020. Please call us on (07) 3284 4281.

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