Removing Anxiety From Your Dental Appointment – How Your Local Redcliffe Dentist Can Help

Removing Anxiety From Your
Dental Appointment
If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone. It is a universal phenomenon.
We use the term ‘dental anxiety’ when someone has anxiety, stress or even fear when going
to see a dentist. This anxiety may result in delaying going or avoiding treatment altogether.
Signs and Symptoms of Dental Phobia:
If you suffer from Dental anxiety, you may notice the following symptoms when faced with
attending a Dental appointment:
 Sweating
 Heart palpitations
 Low blood pressure
 Fainting

 Feeling stressed, crying, and experiencing panic attacks
 Missing dental appointments purposely

Why are we scared of the dentist?

There are many reasons why some people experience dental anxiety. Some of the common
reasons include:
 A previous traumatic experience
 An existing trauma to you neck or head area
 Other trauma such as abuse
 A generalized anxiety disorder/s
 Trust issues or a fear of not being in control
 Concerns for your personal space and privacy
At John Street Dental we understand the struggle of coming to the dentist for some. It is not a
common area we would find our selves in often and that is why it feels so unnatural. It is important to
know what avoiding the dentist can do our oral health, we miss the vital early signs of decay, often
seeing a dentist every 6 months will save you money in the long run as expensive treatment is
stopped in its tracks! At John Street Dental we prefer to do preventative dentistry rather than

What Can I Do to Help Calm Myself Down at the

For some you do not even have to be in the chair all you have to do is think about taking a
trip to the dentist and that is enough to push them over the edge. Here at John Street Dental
we do everything in our power to ensure each and every one of our patients is as comfortable
as can be.
Some of the coping techniques people may use include:
 Deep breathing
 Meditation
 Distraction (such as listening to music or the use of TV screens)
 Happy gas
Happy gas or laughing gas, nitrous oxide can help people relax during dental treatment. You
will feel relaxed but will still be awake. You can talk to the dentist and hear what they say to
you. At John Street Dental we have installed TV screens above our patients’ chairs to help
you focus on something other than the procedure. We will also take the time to talk to you
through treatment options and tailor a treatment plan to suit your level of dental
anxiety. Remember, you are in control throughout the procedure. All you have to do is raise
your hand to signal the dentist. The dentist will stop and allow you to focus your breathing
and mediation and they won’t continue again until you feel