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John Street Dental celebrates 45 years of Dentistry on the Redcliffe Peninsula

The 15th of March 2021 is a milestone event for John Street Dental Redcliffe as we celebrate 45 years of providing exceptional dental care within the community.

Our tranquil practice was founded by Dr Peter Houston and evolved when a beautiful four bedroom Redcliffe home was transformed into a welcoming and well equipped clinic to service the Redcliffe community. 

Dr Peter’s passion for Redcliffe saw him enter local politics and form the perfect balance between working for local council and caring for his patients at John Street Dental. Since retiring, Dr Peter is now one of our patients.

Dr Gregg Stadhams joined  the clinic around the time that extensive renovations took place in 1999 to expand the premises. Whilst Dr Gregg no longer practices dentistry, he is highly regarded as our in-house mentor, guiding and educating our team of dentists with his knowledge and expertise.

From humble beginnings, John Street Dental is now home to a caring support team and 9 exceptional dentists.  Dr Andrew Lim who is extremely popular with our patients.  Our ortho patients are looked after by Dr Daniel Hu.   Dr Terry Pu and Dr Jonathan Ng who care for patients requiring implant procedures.  Dr Joee Lim is one of our 4 female dentists who take care of our patients. We also have an in house prosthetist Paul Abbott who offers premium denture services to our patients. 

On behalf of all the team at John Street Dental, we thank the Redcliffe and surrounding community for its long standing patronage. Through your support our facility has grown to offer Redcliffe the world class private clinic it deserves and this is a privilege and responsibility that we embrace and enjoy.

Thank you for placing your smile in our hands.

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