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A message from Dr Terry Pu – one of your Local Redcliffe Dentists at John Street Dental

What is a dentist? To me, a dentist is a gatekeeper for people’s oral health. We identify what we think is right or wrong in a person’s mouth and provide multiple treatment options for them to achieve a healthy smile. Although the dentist may think they know what is best for their patients, it is still up to the patient themselves to choose what they want. Expense, fear, anxiety, and pain are just a few factors that drive a patient’s treatment decision. However, it is essential for the dentist to ensure each patient understands the pros and cons, the risk and complications, the prognosis and the cost for each treatment option. Simply stating “that tooth needs to be extracted and have an implant” without giving any reasons or providing other treatment options is simply not good enough.


“First do no harm” is the most important phrase conveyed from the Hippocratic oath for all dental and medical practitioners, and such motif has been with me since I was a young. My grandfather was a herbalist and my father is a pharmacist, and their work philosophy is simple – “no matter who the patient is, how rich they are or how different they are, you must always make sure they become better at the end. Because the happiness you seek can only come from the happiness within others.” Wise words to a 6 year-old Asian boy living near rice patties in rural Taiwan, true story.


Even after graduating dental school in 2015 and completing my post-graduate diploma in dental implantology, the most challenging aspects of dentistry for me is still to provide each and every patient who walks through the door an enjoyable experience at a dental practice.

Every response the patient has, whether it is facial expression, body language, what they are saying or just sounds they make, does affect me emotionally. Because at the end of the day, we are all human.


Dr. Yi (Terry) Pu   B.D.Sc (Hons), G.Dip.D.Implant

Main interests: dental implantology, oral rehabilitation and preventative dentistry


Dr Terry Pu and several other dentists at John Street Dental are still available for urgent treatment at John Street Dental during the current Covid-19 situation. 

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