Mouth Breathing – is it a problem? Your Local Redcliffe Dentist knows!

Do you breathe through your mouth, instead of your nose?  Have you ever wondered if this is causing problems for your oral health and general wellbeing?

While most people breathe through their noses, some breathe through their mouths only, while others have a medical condition known as sleep apnea where they breathe through their mouths ast night.

Sometimes people breathe through their mouths due to a temporary illness (for example a cold), and this is not a cause for concern.

However, constant mouth breathing can be an indication that a person requires additional medical or dental intervention.  It can also be resolved through basic retraining on how to breathe more easily through the nose.


Possible causes of mouth breathing can vary –

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
History of thumb sucking
Sinus Polyps
Birth abnormalities such as cleft palate
Chronic coldsbad-breath-2340272_960_720
Deviated nasal septum
Tongue Tie
The symptoms of mouth breathing to look out for include –

Hoarse voice as mouth breathing dries out the airways

Speech changes – Mouth breathing is associated with the speech condition known as the lisp.

Bad Breath – which stems from a having a dry mouth. Having a dry mouth increases the risk of decay and gum disease.


Dental problems such as poor positioning of the jaw, leading to pain, grinding of teeth and an irregular bite needing correction.

Children who mouth breathing are more likely to have jaws that aren’t positioned evenly and have longer faces.  Long term mouth breathing can also cause an overbite.

So what can be done about long term mouth breathing?  Well, the treatment of mouth breathing depends on its underlying cause.

Surgical intervention may be necessary, or antiflammatory medication may be helpful.


Orthodontic intervention is also an option – particularly for young children.  Or simple retraining of nasal breathing may be the answer.

If you are a long term mouth breather, or you notice your children breathing through their mouth instead of their nose,

why not call your Local Redcliffe Dentists at John Street Dental on 3284 4281 or Book Online and let them guide  you as to the best possible treatment for your situation.