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Toothbrushing mistakes and how to fix them!

Toothbrushing – as easy as it may seem to do, many of us brush don’t brush our teeth as well as we could.  Thankfully, there are ways to improve.

Pick the correct Toothbrush – How do you choose the correct toothbrush from the large selection at your local supermarket?

  • soft bristles
  • smaller toothbrush head
  • handles with flexible angles
  • manual or electric? – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s placed in the correct position


Don’t brush too hard – Massage rather than scrub

When it comes to brushing, it is better to brush softly rather than too hard.  People feel like they have to scrub the teeth hard, or they aren’t doing a good job.

If scrubbed, the teeth can have teeth erosion which in turn can make the teeth sensitive.


Rushing the Toothbrushing – Use an egg timer, or play your favourite song

Teeth should be brushed for at least twice a day for 2minutes each time. We all get busy with our day to day lives but it’s important to stay focused and set aside the time to do the job properly.


Change your toothbrush more regularly

When the toothbrush becomes discoloured, dirty looking or bent – its time to replace it!

Its also important not to share your brush with anyone else, and keep it in the open air to avoid bacteria from growing.

tooth brushing 1

Scrubbing in the back and forth motion

This is a common toothbrushing mistake – scrubbing along the teeth. This is a quick way for causing damage.

Massage your teeth from the gum in a circular up and down motions.

Don’t forget your gumline – bacteria is evident where your tooth meets your gum and is the most common area that is missed during toothbrushing

Brush your whole tooth, including your gumline.


Brush your teeth at least 20mins after eating – not straight away

If you brush straight after eating the acid sitting on your teeth can be abrasively brushed, helping teeth erosion.

By waiting you can let the saliva in your mouth do its work.


Brush twice a day – never once a day, or only at night

Flossing however, can be done once a day, to help keep the bacteria at bay.

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