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Understanding Dental Phobia – from your Local Redcliffe Dentist

As your Local Redcliffe Dentist knows, visiting the dentist can make most people a little nervous. For some people, the fear they experience means they will do just about anything to avoid an appointment.

People with dental phobias or anxiety will often put off regular visits to the dentists for years. In the meantime, they tolerate gum disease, toothache, broken and unsightly teeth – which in turn can affect their overall health and self-confidence.

There are many reasons for dental phobias –

Pain and bad experiences  Some people have experienced pain during dental visits – this is especially common for those among the older generation, before the many advances in ‘pain free dentistry’.

Embarassment   People can feel reluctant to have a stranger look inside their mouth, especially if they are self conscious about the state of their teeth.  The physical proximity of the Dentist during dental treatment  can sometimes make people uncomfortable and anxious.

Perceived lack of control    It is common for people to feel helpless when they are in the dental chair.  They aren’t always sure what’s happening or what to expect, and this can trigger anxiety.

Your Local Redcliffe Dentists at John Street Dental strongly encourage you not to avoid dental treatment.

There are several things you can do to prepare for a dental appointment, such as

1)      Share your fears with the Dentist – feel free to ask questions if you don’t understand the treatment or if you have had a bad experience previously.

2)     Focus on your breathing during dental procedures – slowly and regularly.

3)     Take your own music to listen to during the appointment

4)     Choose a low-stress appointment time.

5)     Don’t be afraid to raise your hand if you are unsure or uncomfortable


Your Local Redcliffe Dentists and staff John Street Dental are friendly and compassionate, and would like to work with you to ease any Dental phobias or apprehension you have about receiving dental treatment.  We offer pain control through Local anaesthetics and Relative Analgesia (also known as Happy Gas).

So, face your fears – call John Street Dental today on 07 3284 4281 or Book Online

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