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The benefits of Invisalign – from Dr Mia Zhu, one of your Local Redcliffe Dentists

1D6A5650 (2)Hi!  I am Dr Mia Zhu, one of your Local Redcliffe Dentists at John Street Dental.Allow me to introduce myself –

I graduated from Griffith University with BDS and Grad-Dip in Dentistry degree. I started
work at John street dental as soon as I graduated from Griffith University with BDS and Grad-Dip in Dentistry degree.

Since graduating my passion for dentistry has taken me in Invisalign training, digital dentistry, advanced Root Canal treatment training and advanced oral surgery training.

To further strengthen my knowledge and skills in dentistry, in 2019 I successfully passed the primary exam towards
fellowship of Royal Australasia College of Dental Surgeon.

My philosophy in dental care is putting the focus on prevention and minimally invasive approach.  I like to empower my patients with self-care knowledge and correct oral hygiene techniques, so fewer dental treatments are required down the track.  Therefore, you will always see me spending time talking about and demonstrating the correct toothbrush technique, and use floss or piksters to clean inbetween teeth.  When a patient comes to see me for an emergency dental problem, I’d like to make the patient understand what caused the problem and how to prevent it in the future.

In this blog, I’d like to talk about the conservative smile makeover option Invisalign treatment as many people are interested in improving their smile
treatment as many people interested in improving their smile in a hustle free and affordable

Many people are interested in having a smile makeover to fix uneven or crowded front teeth. There are a few options to achieve a satisfactory result: porcelain veneer on 6-8 front teeth (cost
approx $8000 -10 000 k), crowns on front 6-8 teeth (cost approx $12 000-15 000), or Invisalign ( cost approx $5000).   If your main concern is crooked front teeth, Invisalign appears to be the most, hustle free and cost-effective choice.   Most importantly, with Invisalign, teeth do not need to be cut down or maintenance, or replacement, in comparison to crowns and veneers.

It is the most minimally invasive and cost-effective choice to achieve your dream smile.

In some cases, veneers or crowns may be the only choice to correct the color or shape of your teeth.  Invisalign, however, can be used to  straighten teeth to the right position prior to crown.  Invisalign can also minimize the amount of tooth structure to be removed for crown or veneer.  That means that it is more biologically healthy to your teeth, minimising the risk of needing root canal treatment.

Healthy teeth and gum are required to start the treatment; hence you will require a comprehensive exam, teeth cleaning, and necessary dental treatments before commencing the Invisalign treatment.

At John street dental, I offer complimentary assessments for Invisalign. Please call us today on 3284 4281 for an appointment. I look forward to guiding you on your journey towards a beautiful smile.