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Introducing Dr Joee Lim – one of your Local Redcliffe Dentists at John Street Dental

Introducing the fabulous Dr Joee Lim, who is originally from Malaysia.

Growing up there, she had the enriched by the opportunity to being exposed to a multi-cultural society.

Dr Joee speaks speaks Mandarin and is conversant in Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese as well as Hokkien, and of course English!

In 2015, Joee came to Brisbane to study and completed her degree in University of Queensland, and hasn’t looked back.

Joee believes that Dentistry is not just about teeth – it is also to improve one’s general wellbeing.

She finds it fullfilling to help improving people’s smiles and confidence.

Joee understands that dental phobia is quite common, and is passionate about helping anxious patients with coping with their fears.  She makes it her priority to make them feel more comforable with each dental visit.

Joee enjoys doing general dentistry, including root canal treatment and extractions, but her favourite aspects are preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

During her spare time, Joee enjoys cooking and exploring different cultures through travelling and food.

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