Root Canal Therapy from your Local Redcliffe Dentist.

A root canal treatment is generally performed if you have an infection in the core of your tooth. The most common symptoms  may include toothache pain, the tooth reacting to hot food or drinks and or possible facial swelling.

The root canal refers to the core of your tooth that holds the dental pulp. This dental pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves that can become infected if your tooth is damaged by tooth decay, injury, oral hygiene issues such as gum disease and or problems where a filling has been placed on your tooth.

Root canal Toothpick image


Once the pulp has become infected, it can cause considerable pain as it spreads to through the root of the tooth. Left unchecked, an infection can form inside the tooth or in the supporting structure between the tooth and gum. This infection may kill the nerve of the tooth or possibly spread into your jawbone.

Removing the infected dental pulp (nerve) with a root canal procedure is often the most effective way to stop the infection. Once the nerve is removed, the function of the tooth will not be affected though it is best to protect the tooth by covering it with a crown as teeth become quite brittle once receiving a root canal and are not as strong as a vital tooth.

Despite common concerns that a root canal treatment is painful, there is often no pain and with treatment can save a tooth that may have to be removed. Here at John Street Dental, your local Redcliffe Dentist, can now offer a payment plan option allowing the root canal treatment to be a viable solution to solving the toothache.