Children’s Teeth Eruption Times

At John Street Dental we have a lot of parents come in with the same concern.

Many Parents are concerned if their children’s baby teeth are coming through at the right time, so here is a diagram indicating the approximate times we can expect the baby teeth and permanent teeth to come through.

*Front baby teeth usually come through round about 8months -12 months.

*Back teeth around about 12 months -18 months.

You can begin to expect the primary teeth to begin to fall out at

*6-7  years old for lower front teeth.

*10-12 years old for back teeth.

You can expect adult teeth to come through at about 6-8 years old, generally girls teeth come through about 12 -18months before boys. So if your daughters are coming through and your sons are not don’t worry its completely normal.

If you have any concerns do not hesitate to give the team a call at John Street Dental on 32844281 we are always happy to help.